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Animation Cruise is a Houston-based company specializing in creating animated videos and movies. We have successfully collaborated with businesses in Houston, catering to a diverse range of companies, from small-sized to medium-sized and large enterprises, for their animation projects. Our expertise lies in producing various types of animations, such as animation videos, 3D animation, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation, for our valued clients in Houston and across Texas.

Our Houston-based animation team stands out as the best in the market. Our collaborative efforts involve animators, designers, and producers working closely with you to craft animations that elevate your brand.

If you're ready to break free from the ordinary, explore the transformative impact of a 3D dynamic logo animation for your brand.

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Our Animation Process in Houston

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    Creative Brief

    Our starting point, the creative brief, is crucial. It guides us to understand your target audience, goals, and objectives for the explainer video.

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    After chatting with you, we dive into creating your script. We focus on effectively spreading your brand message and put a lot of thought into it.

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    Our team of animators and designers collaborates to create a storyboard, turning your ideas into a visual reality and laying the foundation for your final video.

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    Once the storyboard is ready, we bring in voiceover artists to add a compelling audio element. We choose a voice actor and add music and sound effects to bring your animation to life.

  • 05

    Animation Production & SFX

    In the post-production phase, we edit and refine your animation to ensure it's engaging. We want your video to be perfect when you showcase it to your audience.

  • 06

    Finalized & Delivered

    Our animators review and edit the video in post-production, making adjustments as needed. The final video is then delivered to you in the required format.

Why Hire an Animation Studio In Houston?

At its core, our goal is helping clients effectively share their ideas in an engaging way. As storytellers, we strive to make complex topics simple through animation's unique ability to educate and entertain. Our studio is based right in the heart of NYC. Beyond just the convenience of a local partner, being in such a creative hub gives us access to top talent.

Over the past decade, we've built a reputation for translating intricate concepts into memorable videos through 2D, 3D and other styles. Time and again, satisfied customers return with new projects that showcase animation's impact. It's so rewarding seeing how our explainer videos and other work helps businesses clearly convey their message. The feedback motivates us to keep raising the bar on creativity and quality.

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Client Reviews

At Animation Cruise, Our Top Priority Is The Satisfaction of Our Clients. Here’s What They Say About Us


Alex W

As being an ex-employee of an advertisement agency, I have worked with a lot of animation companies in Houston, but among all these animation cruise proved to top them all, as this studio created the perfect explainer video for our startup. Their creative ideas really helped tell our brand story.


Sarah J

The 3D animated character they designed is now synonymous with our brand. Generates a lot of buzz and we keep coming back to them for new projects. Hatts off to this Animation Studio in Houston.

Why Choose Our Animation Studio in Houston

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    Results-Driven Storytelling

    Through creative animation, we help clients clearly communicate their message and better connect with audiences. Whether a logo, commercial or character, our work boosts awareness.

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    Experience & Excellence

    As a leading animation studio in NY, we've successfully served businesses, agencies and more for years. Clients appreciate our quality, skill and understanding of their needs.

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    Tailored Solutions

    Our in-house team handles all aspects of production, ensuring seamless collaboration and a solution customized to budget and objectives. One point of contact makes things simple.

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    Cutting-Edge Technology

    State-of-the-art facilities and tools and allow us to efficiently bring any vision to life. Clients are impressed by vibrant worlds and flawless motion.

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